Eckington you wuz wobbed

So I’m looking at the Washington Post’s TV magazine and looking at the description of the PBS documentary “Let the Church Say Amen” and they are describing a Shaw church in the film and they say where it was. One problem, the 1700 block of 1st St NW ain’t in Shaw, it’s in Eckington/Bloomingdale. I am amazed the Post didn’t pick up on this error. Apparently the film does speak a little it about the Shaw neighborhood, but really, as the main church is in Eckington, it is Eckington that should get the attention. But on the other hand the differences between the 1700 block of 1st (Eckington), the 1600 & 1500 blocks of 1st(Shaw) on the southern side of Florida (was Boundary) Ave. are minor.
Of course, I could be wrong and they actually look at a bunch of Shaw storefront churches, but for the record, the corner of 1st and Randoph, Eckington/Bloomingdale, but not Shaw.

3 thoughts on “Eckington you wuz wobbed”

  1. I was wondering, if each neighborhood had a mascot with a nickname, what would they be?

  2. What makes you think the writers at the Montgomery County Post have any idea where DC neighborhoods are?

    BTW I think I have located the Houston equivalent of Shaw. Amazing houses, transitional. Prices still reasonable though – $200K +/- $25K gets you a three or four bedroom house, a really cool one.

  3. Ah but John, does it have crackhead?

    Yes, maybe getting the neighborhoods right might be a bit too much to ask for of suburban writers. To be fair, I have no idea of the Four Corners neighborhood borders are, or exactly where Rosslyn ends and Courthouse begins.

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