443 R Street, NW

This former In Shaw blog house of the week, is now up for sale after many, many months of off and on construction. The price, I’m sorry, I know I wrote that I accepted the prices around here but $575,000 is crack fueled. Yes, it is two units. However, it is ugly. Even with the new ulitarian staircase to the 2nd floor, still ugly and a lovely example of crackhead design.
Outside of the absolutely non-landscaped property were a few flyers about the property. The flyer tells me that it is 2 units and shows three ways to finance the purchase of this thing. No money down, with $3K in cash for closing and other costs, this bad boy will cost you $2,913.53 a month. The flier does tell you to go to a website where more info on the houses features is presented.
From the pictures the inside seems nice but I remember how this thing looked as it was getting built. It started off as a one level shop and they built up. As they were building I was confused by their logic and the upper level with no stairs confused me. Hated the vinyl siding. Then at times, for days, the property was unsecured, building materials left outside in the rain, and no activity for weeks, like all construction was abandoned. Then at points it looked like (and this is just my uninformed opinion) they gave up on the project and settled to sell it.

7 thoughts on “443 R Street, NW”

  1. I live close to this crack design. I really have no idea what they where thinking when they built it. One good note is the corner lot is slated for 12 condo units to begin in April. They might help mask this ugly building.

  2. butt ugly.

    i go by that place a lot. always makes me cringe.
    still, the price? two units, 5 bedrooms total,parking, location.
    seems like the going rate.

    but i’d rather buy on of the two duplexes on the unit block of q for a similar price! much more attractive.

  3. Dear Anon, (please use initials in the future or use ‘other’)
    Thanks for the heads up about condos. Is it going to be an Urban Land Company project or someone else?

  4. I’m going with guy_in_bloomingdale: butt ugly.

    Also: worst. toilet. evar! Those suckers are impossible to plunge. Guaranteed to fill your Sunday afternoons full of cursing, pleading, plunging and more cursing.

  5. On the other side of the crack house..is a empty lot and a old cleaners. Both lots are combined for sale..1.2 million. What a bargain?

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