Either way, city officials see it as a gain, because they are people in their highest-earning years who do not use many government services.” –From the 3/10/05 Washington Post Article Population Shows Gains and Losses

That phrase annoyed me.
Yes, I don’t use housing vouchers, or go to the employment office, or child services, or any of those city services, but I still need government. Also I don’t want the city to think I don’t need government services.
The middle classes, as well as the working classes need schools that aren’t falling apart. Of course, the people who can afford to, vote with their feet, as it is easier to up and move to the burbs than fight to get the city to educate kids in a clean and safe environment.
I want the city to enforce it’s laws. The quality of this service has been great to poor, depending on the day, and the agency. Sometimes you call DPW about an illegally parked car and they’ll come out and ticket it and boot it and it will be gone in a week, other times it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r for the piece of crap to move.
I want the city to get the middle class, high tax bracket, big old real estate taxed populace emotionally invested in the city government. Parks and Recreation could be an alternative to privately owned recreation facilities. But they ain’t so we don’t care about the parks as much as we could cause we can’t/don’t use them. Schools, I don’t have kids and so why should I care? I could care a bit more if the grounds and facitlies were open to the community for events and other activities (ie the track at Dunbar, hint, hint).
Okay DC, you got all this money from real estate and from higher incomes moving into the city, please, please, please don’t blow it.

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  1. I agree! It’s nice that some of us pay more in taxes than we use in city services, but every time I think about District children in their miserable schools I get SICK. No one should have to attempt to learn under those conditions. And all the while the mayor andcity coucil just blather onl

  2. let’s not forget that city services include paving roads so that my car doesn’t disintegrate. or maintaining signs. or what about more law enforcement? I don’t think anyone would say DC is a calm, crime-free oasis & that its “mission accomplished”. I think that’s a poor attitude on the city’s part. I think everyone needs city services equally…just a different mix of them.

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