6 thoughts on “Gentrification sometimes means…”

  1. offtopic: have you seen the anti-gentrification graffiti that’s been popping up? There’s a bunch on O St between 11th and Logan Circle, most of it accompanied by anarchist symbols.


  2. Might not be so off-topic after all if it’s a 5$ crack ho tagging the area.

    Somehow, I doubt it. But here’s another question from the relative newcomer:

    Does this area have a sizeable Angry Anarchist population? Judging by a limited reading of local media, I assumed that their stomping grounds (or at least their target area) was Adams-Morgan, at least during the Inaugration hoorar.

  3. My little world is east of 7th Street. The area you speak of is over in Logan Circle. You can always ask the folks on the Logan Circle Yahoo groups board.
    I remember seeing some anti-gentrification graffiti a year or so back around U Street and Logan just before some big protest, WTO or ANSWER or whatever.
    Anarchists are few here, any affordable housing is taken up by hard-working families, seniors and crackheads, not angry anti-govt young white singles.

  4. Yah, I’m guessing the angry anarchists can’t afford Truxton, Shaw or LeDroit. An angry working libertarian like me can barely afford it now. Plus the anarchists would most likely avoid the true crackhead anarchists, vs their wannabe parent-subsidized suburban brand of fairweather anarchy. Just my 2 cents. – Jimbo

  5. Yea, I’ve seen a lot of graffiti on 10 and R. “leave shaw yuppies” or my favorite “die fucking yuppies” I don’t understand it.

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