Okay, I’m curious, why y’all reading my blog? Just yesterday I got 200 visits. Of course many of those are looking for my post on IT’s garage makeover experience. But for the rest of you, I’m curious, what’s the draw?

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  1. I read because you are my neighbor and while I do not always agree with you, I enjoy your perspective. You are linked off of my blog as well. Plus dcist likes you…

  2. I enjoy reading your site, and I just moved into western Shaw (Naylor Ct) this past September. I realize I’m part of gentrification (not a property owner tho), and value having a coherent voice providing its thoughts on the process from a different perspective.

    Also, I tried container gardening last summer and failed miserably, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for tips on that.

  3. well,
    your interest in and comments concerning the neighborhood developing toward a higher income and more professional community.

    you update often.

    i live nearby.

    its not just about indie rock or clubs.

  4. I just found your blog, cuz we’ve put in an offer. No point giving more details, because we’ll probably lose this one too 🙁

  5. I recently bought a condo (105+ yr old building) on Logan Circle and I saw you linked from.. somewhere.. DCist maybe? And I’m still in the evaluation phase of reading the blog. 🙂

  6. Dear Anonymous Poster who left no initials,
    Don’t give up hope. I know it is crazy out there and some sellers will jerk you around. I hope you have a good agent to help you out.

  7. Ok, I’ll throw in some initials 🙂 This is our first offer in Truxton, so we’ll see. The area seems to have alot of promise.

  8. I live in Eckington on the NE side of North Capitol. A friend in Mt. Vernon Square area told me about your blog, and I now have you bookmarked. Love your updates, gives me a sense of the happenings.

  9. Like you, I like Shaw but I’m occasionally discouraged (and amused) by the inherent dysfunction. I like seeing new restaraunts and life come into derelict places, and I enjoy being informed about what is happening in the neighborhood. Bottom line, your blog is a good use of time.

  10. I live in Logan Circle, and I enjoy reading it to find out what’s going on in Shaw. Plus, I like the writing style.

  11. You discuss many of the same issues I see in my own neighborhood. I like to see how other people feel about, and seek to deal with these issues.

  12. Your talking about my area of town, I like to know what’s going on. I’m new to the Shaw hood (former dupont renter), and I’m part of the evil gentrification.

  13. We purchased a new condo on Logan Circle 5 years ago. I really enjoy keeping informed about the never ending redevelopment of DC heading eastward and your site has great info. Plus – you’re quite funny. thank you!

  14. I read because I just bought an old house in DC and much of your writing concerns the same issues, tasks and thoughts I’m having. Plus, you’re a very witty writer!

  15. Saturday afternoon: notice elaborate new graffiti on abandoned house across the street.
    Sunday afternoon: pull car into alley to find self face-to-buttcrack with drunk man with pants down around knees.
    Monday evening: snow still accumulating outside, but would-be snow-shovelers keep banging on door and waking baby.
    Monday night: visit MM’s blog for some perspective on the neighborhood, its problems and its potential. Also, a quick reminder of why, despite it all, it’s great not to be living in some anonymous plastic suburb or upper-northwest-snotty condo-ville full of transient K-streeters.

  16. I’m living in Providence and I visit DC every now and then. I see the same sorts of things in my neighborhood, another rapidly gentrifying urban frontier, crack dealing and corrupt institutions along with some neighbors (so we’re a little more white, a little more educated?) who really care and want the best for the community. A couple of people have been fixing up houses around here and that’s made all the difference in the last few years.

  17. Thank you all for the feedback. It is good to know we are not alone in the joy and pain that is living in a transitional neighborhood. Thanks for all the nice things you’ve said about me (or at least my on-line personality) and my writing.

  18. I moved into the U Street area – over near 9th and Howard – 2 years ago and I’m dealing with the unromantic sides of home renovation, the changing face of the neighborhood, my desire to be a part of making it a good place to live, and my feeble gardening attempts in my construction fill backyard. There is something reassuring in a virtual community – which this blog is creating – and I thank you.

  19. In part I read your blog because I’m a relatively new (5 years) DC resident, and you provide a good perspective on the rapid changes taking place here, including a historical perspective that is missing from some other discussions.

    I read it partly because I live on the eastern edge of Columbia Heights and see similarities in our neighborhoods.

    And I partly live vicariously through your blog as I am a renter, but am hoping that I make enough money to buy a home here before I’ve been completely priced out.

  20. Well, I guess its semi-official. We’re under contract for 1718 4th St. NW, so we’re gonna Truxsters!

    Looks like this Blog will move up on my list of favorites 🙂


  21. Congrats Toby,
    Add to your list of links too.
    One thing. There is a group of old guys who have taken to hanging out in front of that condo, as well as a few other houses on the block that have been under renovation. You may want to make a presence of yourself to nudge them back over to the front of the “House of Peace”. The old guys are generally harmless, but their leaning on the fence is not good for your fence.
    When you’ve signed the contract e-mail me, I’ll treat you and your SO to tea or maybe a Dunkin Doughnut .

  22. I’m reading because I’m a neighbor. I moved to 6th and S a little more than 4 years ago. Like you I struggle with the idea of gentrification. I like and respect many of the old timers I’ve met the neighborhood, and sometimes worry about some of the attitude I’ve seem from some of the newcomers.

    There are aspects of gentrification that are good for everybody, new and old. We need to encourage that. There are aspects of g-cation that are harmful to the old timers, therefore harmful to community stability, and therefore harmful to all of us.

    I think it’s important to figure out the difference and build a solid community. Shaw’s got the potential to do it right.

  23. I discovered your blog back when we first bought the “Fortress of Tea & Dirty Laundry”, pre-sprog, in the summer of 2003. (I’m starting to feel like old-timer, hereabouts!) Of course, that was back in the day when the house next door was a roofless shell instead of condos, & the Full Yum, Windows, & Thai X-ing weren’t open, and all the corner stores – including KFC – had bulletproof glass. Oh wait, some things don’t change… Anyway, your thoughts on the beginnings, recent history, and current state of the nabe have been informative & interesting. ~BL

  24. Hi,

    Your posts were part of my reseach in prep for my move to a redone home in the 200 block of P Street. I be joining the community in mid-March.

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