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When chatting with some folks this weekend the question came up: What do you do when you notice your crackhead neighbor has stolen something from your yard and placed it in their yard?
A. I was shocked (shocked I say) that someone would take something and blatantly display it in their yard.
B. Then I played the devil’s advocate saying it may have been a visitor’s doing, they borrowed and forgot to ask, blah, blah, blah.
C. Suggested going over and asking for the return of the item -OR- calling the cops and having a report filed.

10 thoughts on “A question”

  1. What about option “D”? Go over, take it back, and put it in your yard.

  2. The object in question is unweildy and their are some other issues mainly related with the landlord. So going over and stealing it back is not the best option. Also not addressing the fact that personal property was stolen might translate in the crackhead brain that this sort of behavior is all right.

  3. Involving the police at the start seems to be a sure way to make enemies of the neighbors.

    Seeing as how the object is unweildy, I suppose you could go over and ask for their help in moving it back to your yard.

    That way, there’s no finger pointing and accusations, but you’re also not dodging the fact that it’s your property and it’s in their yard.

  4. I think I agree most with Calvo, as long as the neighbor in question isn’t prone to losing his/her temper at the slightest provocation. I wonder if something along the lines of, “Could you help me move my (thingy) back into my yard?” and perhaps remind them that if s/he (or a guest) needs to borrow something, it’s best to ask first.

    That might be a face-saver, but it assumes gentle reprimands work on your neighbor, which may or may not be true. The downside is that it kinda glosses over the “stolen property” side of things by suggesting it was just ‘borrowed’, so it might not be the best method.

  5. Just for clarification these are not my neighbors, no I’m sandwiched between professionals and hard working immigrants. Gotta go a few doors down for crackheads.
    The cops option was considered because the crackhouse might be Section 8 and there are certain rules one is supposed to follow if living in Section 8 housing. Having a police report would provide some leverage.

  6. What type of object was it? I had a set of solar lights stolen in lest than 24hrs. My neighbors are great, its just the crackheads walking past my house.

  7. I think you should just let them him have the Chevette. I mean, it’s great for kitsch value, but clearly they value it more than you do. You can get your old Devo albums out of the trunk at a later date.

  8. Whatever happens, this needs to be addressed quickly. The longer they have it, the more likely they are to think of it as their property.

  9. Oh, okay. I thought they were next-door neighbors, for some reason. In that case, the police option might be a better one.

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