Kelsey Gardens Update

According to today’s Washington Post… The apartment complex over on 7th between P & Q Sts has been given a stay of execution with a judge ordering the owner to allow the tenants to try to buy the property. I don’t know or remember if the tenants are working with anyone to get financing but time will tell if they can remain in their homes or if they get kicked to the curb to make way for more condos no one can afford.

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3 thoughts on “Kelsey Gardens Update”

  1. I hope to see it gone. Who needs affordable housing. New people coming in means more tax dollars for DC. Did Manhattan stop building when people couldn’t afford it

  2. That’s cold.
    We need balance. We need diversity, and that does include economic diversity.
    Now the reason why I bothered posting and why I sort of care is that I have met and talked to one of the residents of Kelsey. Her name is Ms. Betty and she used to hand out the Express newspaper at the R Street side of Shaw metro. She is friendly and always had a good word (which was the reason she was let go, talking to customers, but that was why I liked her!). She shouldn’t have to leave just because she doesn’t have a high paying job. If she and her fellow residents can purchase the property then they should be allowed to do so.

  3. I am sorry but I need to call you on this…GOVERNMENT does not need to prop people up under the guise of affordable housing especially in PRIVATELY owned apartment complexes! I know Ms. Betty and I do feel bad that Ms. Betty may have to move, but I need to remind you that for the last 10 years there have been homebuying programs in place that would have allowed anyone (especially lower income folks) to buy a home at the same cost as their rent.

    Lesson…today those who scrimped and worked (and I am NOT saying that everyone that did otherwise is wrong) now own homes that they will cash in on. Those who chose otherwise do not…

    This whole “affordable housing” cry is bullshit. The homebuying programs for people making less than 30 k a year are aplenty…not the same case for young professionals making high 5 figures…

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