Life and veggies

The miracle of life is amazing. I mean I put this seed in this mix of dead sawdust and whatnot and water it, and a few days later, life springs forth!
The life of which I speak is a pea seedlings that because they were outgrowing the seed starting plastic container and have been banished to the great outdoors that is the front yard. I have started some seedlings indoors for the hope of getting some decent veggies this year. Some will be new to me, like squash and peas. Some will be old favorites, thyme, dill, basil, tomatoes, and marigolds. Freaking out because the Old Farmers Almanac advised I plant peas in the 1st week of February, I started pea seedlings. Now I wonder if that wasn’t a mistake and I started too early with the peas.
The other seeds make me wonder if life will spring forth from them as well. Some marigold seeds have sprouted up and are doing their little sunlight dance. Leaning towards the window for the little bit of sun that comes through the window in the day. Then turning towards the grow lamp light that I bought for a picky and annoyingly expensive lemon meyer dwarf. The other seeds, the tomatoes particularly, have felt no rush to emerge and break the surface.
Last night I finally finished From the Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden, which has been companion reading McGee & Stuckey’s Bountiful Container. Today, and this week, I hope to post-it note The Bountiful Container to quickly find the ideas for companion planting and growing advice for the handful of veggies and edible flowers I plan to grow this year. I’m excited.