Evil Evil Gentrification goes to court

Today the US Supreme Court, over where the 96 bus passes, will be hearing arguments of Kelo vs New London. This case regards the rights of the city to prostitute itself to private developers so that they can seize people’s private property for a private entity’s gain. The libertarian Institute for Justice is representing the homeowners who don’t want to sell. I’ve commented on this situation before here and here and figured I could follow up.
No comments please, not really feeling tolerant of other opinions on this topic. But feel free to strongly disagree with me on Thai food or the blue recycle carts.

Stop asking me about the house

Right now I’m taking a break from doing anything with the house. I’ve been lazy and enjoying the other parts of life that include socializing, dancing, and gardening. I had the energy to do everything, where did it go?
Anyway, if you really want to deal with house fixing drama, wait till Spring because I need to start painting the rear of the house. Otherwise you can visit House In Progress, a Chicago blog about a married couple with bungalow who have been fixin’ up their place and documenting it. Everyso often they mention products they’ve been using (hey there is an idea…) and really that is incredibly useful when you are trying to fix up an older home.