Spending in Shaw

I could complain about my real estate assessment I got in the mail…. bastards! But I’m gonna cool off and get some data and form an argument before that.
I’ve been trying to complete my taxes by the end of this month and the taxes would be done by now if it weren’t for the fact that I neglected updating my finance program and got 6 months behind. Anyway, in typing stuff in and monitoring my spending habits over time I saw myself as a consumer and tried thinking of myself as a consumer in Shaw.
For one, I spend a lot of money at the Ghetto Giant. At least, at least once a week I’m plopping down some amount for food and supplies. Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been spending at least $40 a week on food. What the heck am I buying? Veggies. I’ve noticed that some fruit and fresh vegetables cost more per pound than some meats. I also buy lamb and lots of it, especially when it is on sale, and lamb is not a cheap meat. The Giant serves my needs. I can get veggies, but it can be hit or miss at times as I have seen the most sorry looking broccoli or spring onions.
The other Shaw business that sucks money out of my pocket is Whole Foods/ Fresh Fields. Can’t seem to leave that store without spending at least $10. I go there for stuff I wouldn’t want to bother with in Giant. I go there for there salad greens, wine, fish, brown rice, desserts, granola, dried fruit, milk (which strangely is cheaper than Giant milk), cheese, and anything that MUST be fresh.
The third business in Shaw where I spend a good amount is my hairdresser Ms. Mary. I have been going to her for nearly 10 years now, long before I lived in Shaw.
Restaurant wise, I have been recently visiting the three Thai places in the U Street region. I might wander over to Cake Love for a $2 cupcake. The German Chocolate cupcake is my personal fav. I have been stopping into the Cake Love cafe just across the street from Cake Love simply because I can’t seem to hit Cake Love when it is open.
What of Truxton Circle? Do I spread the financial love here? Um, not often. I might wander over to the corner store but only when I am so lazy that I can’t drag myself the extra few blocks to Giant. Ella’s? I’ve been there a handful of times. I like it but beyond waffles, which are very good by the way, I’m not that familiar with their menu so there isn’t one dish that draws me. The chicken place near Ella’s? Not a fried chicken fan. Dunkin Donuts, is not good for me, but I’ll plunk down a dollar for a bowtie.
One thing I have noticed is that I’m not spending a huge amount in other parts of the DC metro area. I might venture over to Uni Sushi in Dupont once a month or pick up stuff at the CVS in the Penn Quarter (Archives/ Navy Memorial) but the largest chunk of my spending cash (not including utilities and those other bills) is spent in Shaw, apparently on so-so broccoli and brown rice.

Musical Treat: Green Line Blues

Okay some of you may have already heard this song but it was commissioned by me and Mr. Andrew Pants who wrote and performed the music, my credit is for the crappy lyrics. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time crafting good lyrics, as I did for If the metro don’t go there it don’t exist. It’s a 1meg file so enjoy it and the Shaw references.
Green Line Blues [dead link]
note: download it and play from your own computer, it doesn’t play well from the site.