Small assessment increase rant

Apparently for our block the assessor decided to tack on $60K to the previous year’s assessment. I talked to B&I and M&K and $60K range was what was tacked on to their assessment as well.
Dude, I have no AC, no legal basement, no fireplaces and the city knows this so why is my assessment the same as houses with AC, fireplaces, and legal basements?
Before some wiseacre tells me how great a larger assessment is let me just say that a higher assessment does not give me free money. Doesn’t do me any good until I sell the house. I was happy with the $100K in equity I got several years ago, because that’s as much as I can borrow with my salary (maybe). Anything above that does me no good as I can’t use it, unless another income comes in, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.