Mt. Vernon Square Neighborhood Association Meeting

Well last night I went to the Mt. Vernon neighborhood meeting. It is good to see another neighborhood’s meeting. Meetings that only meet for an hour rock. I wish all meetings, not just neighborhood meetings, were just an hour. There was venting and information exchange in 1 hour. Amazing.
Mt. Vernon seems to have different problems than Bates. We both have drug dealing problems, but we have a little less prostitution. Not a major complaint at our meetings, open air drug markets, property getting shot, people getting shot, that’s our thing, I haven’t heard any complaints of prostitution lately (knock on wood). We both have homeless issues, but my sketchy memory tells me that we (Bates/Truxton) have had people working with and talking to the agencies that serve the homeless who come through and hang out. Mt. Vernon might not have volunteer agreements with the businesses that sell alcohol. Y’all need volunteer agreements. The report being passed around about which businesses had licenses, definitions of terms, the ABC process, and what not looked good.
Anyway, 1 hour meetings good.

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  1. Glad you could make it. They are good meetings and Tim does a great job of keeping them to an hour while also letting everyone speak.

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