This morning I was slightly awake already when the house alarm system went off.

I ran down to find my solid door slightly open. I checked the security door which was locked. After turning off the system I looked for the thing that set it off. The newspaper. The last time I was drawn out of bed due to the alarm going off was when the newspaper flew through the metal bars of the security door and hit the front door hard enough for it to set off the alarm.

Well there was no newspaper. And I’m just befuddled at what could have opened the door. The security door was locked and the alarm system works so I not really worried. But it did get me thinking.

When I bought my house, Sonny, the Nigerian who hires crackheads, and had worked on my house, was still on the block screwing up other houses for sale. Neighborhood gossip said that he still had keys for all the houses he had worked on and had entered one house unannounced and unwelcomed. Upon hearing that I changed almost all the locks on the doors in the house. Almost all. So I’m wondering, did I change that one on the door? Was I visited by Sonny the evil contractor? Anyway, I’ll be visiting our friends at Home Depot or Logan Hardware to change the lock on the door.

Despite this I am still thinking of changing alarm monitoring companies. $32 a month is too much in my book and just to be the people who call the police, not like they’re patrolling my house. I can get basic cable or DSL for that much a month, and I’d use it.

Change locks. Change alarm.