Darth Day

I’m just going to avoid the mess that is south of me celebrating the great Darth Lord. Of course I did enjoy the firework display for a full 3 seconds last night, then I decided it was cold so I headed back into the house. I am really enjoying the day off. I can clean the house, do some more census work and curse the name of long dead Irish immigrants.

I have already shoveled my sidewalk. And my neighbors’ sidewalks. Mind you I didn’t do a good job on theirs because, they’re healthy, they can shovel it. As an experiment this morning I tested the usefulness of table salt as a de-icer.

I used about 1/4 of a cup of Giant brand iodized salt and spread it around the neighboring sidewalk, where I had done some minimal shoveling. I went back in, ate a bowl of fruit loops, watched some really bad TV, and came back out and took a picture of the result. See people salt works. Any old salt. Even table salt.

One thought on “Darth Day”

  1. One of the things that used to annoy me to no end in my Logan Circle Guy days was the way that people would just not bother to shovel in DC… or would shovel a 1 foot wide path from the door to the street and leave the rest of us to slide over ice in front of their houses.

    The worst offenders seemed to be condo buildings and churches – the ones who you’d think would have someone they paid to do it.

    I attributed it to crappy enforcement by DC (in Boston you’d get a ticket on your door pretty fast if you didn’t shovel) and Washington Personality Disorder (“I hate everyone and don’t care if they break their legs on my sidewalk.”)

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