Neighbor in Discovery Channel episode

My neighbor is an architect and for whatever his reasons were he designed a garage for the Discovery Channel’s Garage Takeover. This will air on the 19th at 4:00pm. I’m gonna have to have someone TIVO this for me as I a) don’t have cable & b)can’t break into my friends’ houses with cable before 4.

When he was doing the job he hinted that the TV people were creating drama and conflict. Okay, can we have a design show without the fake drama? Anyway, Discovery Channel. January 19th. 4PM.

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  1. Well I .
    I got to watch it thanks to BL in Eckington/Bloomingdale (really I need to figure out where the borders are) and TIVO.
    I hated the fake drama. I really didn’t need to see anyone’s lower back tats. Bad behavior. Bleech. This Old House a classic, doesn’t need that crap, and almost everything seems to be a horrid copy of Trading Spaces or Extreme Makeover: House Edition.
    You know what I want in a home/house/garage/ yard makeover show? How can I do that? Tell me how much will this run me high and low end. I want to be educated and inspired. But that might be asking too much.
    Anyway I thought Ira was great, for his part. I liked what he did but had some concerns about the longterm upkeep of the roof. How do you clean that after the leaves fall and the birds poop on it?

  2. i think the show is cool.the best part is hunter.yes they have their show fights and all but they show the real-side of that sort of work!

  3. Oh how I dislike anonymous comments. For the love of all that is Holy, initial posts! Also the term disrespectful of homosexuals, even though in the context was not directed at anyone gay, well I found offensive so I’ve edited the comment–
    that show sucks hunter looks like a *** and ki should pull his pants up, the entire thing looks like one big unorganized clusterF*** i really wonder what the jobs look like in person after all hunters mess ups

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