NY Ave (NYAFAGU) station

The Nahyafahgu or New York Avenue Station opened up today and has that lovely new metro smell. Unlike as Nathan put it, that old metro smell of urine.

It was funny pulling in as the train operator stumbled around for what to call the station. She said three different versions NYAFA-GU, New York Avenue and New York Avenue Gaulludet University. I think it will just be New York Avenue.

There are two exits, Florida Avenue and M Street. The Florida Avenue side has a nice new sidewalk up to the bus stop. After that the sidewalk is small and cruddy. Florida Avenue for the most part is cruddy. The M street side looks like one of those industrial backroads you may find yourself on when you’ve made a wrong turn and can’t seem to find your way back to the main road.

I tried to figure out how I can possibly go between my house and NY Ave station w/o getting killed by a car. So far, it seems I will have to take P Street NW east, take a bit of FL Ave NE, but as FL Ave sucks, turn on to 1st Ave NE, cross the NY Ave road of death, then turn on M Street NE. P Street isn’t the greatest for a bike because of the lack of enough buffer space, but the road is 10x better than FL which is torn up and crappy, AND doesn’t have enough buffer space between me and the speeding cars.

I thought I would have some pretty pictures of the station for you but, no. My digital camera wanted to go on strike. So you will not get the lovely picture of the gold toned Metro pillar, the example of lack of bike parking, and the big funky silver leaf public art thing. Oh, on bike parking there is nothing, NOTHING to secure a bike to, no parking meters, no decent street signs, nada. Nothing unless the links in a chain link fence do it for you.


I still have the Peter Seller pass, anybody, Bueller?

I believe Jimbo was the first to semi-claim the plant.

Oh, and theoretically Sala Thai delivers, a 2 mile radius they say. Let’s see if that radius includes my house.

Thanks to all who read my blog, thank you.