Lazy Sunday other NYAFAGU stuff

I was lazy today.

I accomplished very little.

What I did accomplish was timing myself walking and biking between the house and the new station (NYAFAGU). 7 minutes by bike. P Street is crap too. It was okay today but there was no buffer space, this may not work during rush hour. 17-20 minutes by foot. At that point gotta wonder is it easier to walk to Gallery Place Chinatown (oh I’ve done it)? In theory, it is closer than Dupont and Gallery Place. In theory.

There’s another concern. People get ugly as I go east. There is that mass of desperate people congregating at Florida and North Cap. They is ug-ly. Almost fugly. Then along North Cap from Florida down to Hanover you got some more butt ugly people hanging out, kicking back. From North Cap to the 2-3 blocks to the station it is then empty, except for the cars going by. Scary empty to me. I don’t like large dark parking lots, or empty stretches of space where there is nothing.

Dupont Circle – pro= beautiful people, cool stuff lots of street traffic. Cons= lots of street traffic, too far to walk, only 1 bus to get home.

Gallery Place Chinatown– Pro= 70 and 71 bus run frequently, lots of street traffic, walkable in the day. Cons= Looooong walk. 70 & 71 bus not close to house.

NYAFAGU- Pro= New, 3/4 of a mile away, 90, 91 & X? bus service it. Con=possible scary walk @ night, ugly people, unit blocks with problems, annoying office buildings in the way, & crappy roads.