Restaurant Delivery

Pizza Hut hates my block. Actually I believe that Pizza Hut hates most of Shaw, because the Pizza Hut on U Street won’t deliver in spots east of it’s 13th & U location. When I was living on 12th Street it barely wanted to even deliver there claiming it didn’t go to a certain address south of me. Then I had to ‘splain to the girl on the phone that you’d had to pass my apartment to get to the end of their delivery zone.

Worse now that I have moved waaaaay east of 12th Street. Finding places I like and that deliver is very hard. Dominos will deliver. But I’m not a big fan of Dominos. There are also more local pizza chains that will deliver, but for blah pizza I could just cook my own frozen kind.

Chinese restaurants are delivery sluts. Anywhere, almost anytime for very little money. The so-so Chinese restaurant on P and 11th will deliver, as well as some others I suspect. But there is only so much Spring Onion Beef I am willing to eat.

As new restaurants open up in Logan and on U Street I do inquire about their delivery services and if possible they deliver to me. No. Rice does not deliver to eastern Shaw, too far. As far as I know Allero and Sala Thai up on U don’t deliver at all to anyone. Etheopian delivery seems pointless, just easier to walk and that spongy bread doesn’t travel well.

BL and N turned me on to a non-Shaw Indian restaurant that does deliver to eastern Shaw, LeDroit Park and Eckington, Mehak. Now I have eaten at their 7th Street location once and was not too impressed by their food at the prices they were charging. So last week I tried them out. Yea! They deliver to my house. Boo. I’m still trying to figure out where the extra $5.00 charge came from as I keep re-adding the bill. I ordered Chicken Curry, which I must say tastes way better as a leftover.

There are delivery services that will pick up a meal for me for an extra charge, but I’d prefer it when the restaurant itself delivers. Maybe I want too much.