What I bought on EBay

A used … pink bathrobe

A rare … mint snowglobe

A Smurf … TV tray

I bought on eBay

My house … is filled with this crap

Shows up in bubble wrap

Most every day

What I bought on eBay

–weird Al “Ebay”

The Post featured an article “Building with EBay” today in the Real Estate section. I am trying to think have I incorporated any ebay purchases into the house. I buy a lot off EBay. Ebay is my shoestore. I have bought plants off eBay (ps Jimbo the agave is dying so don’t worry about pick up), clothes, computer equipment, several palms, books, CDs, worms, and everything else, but no building materials. I have looked at building materials on eBay. Shipping and storage are the big hindrances.

Once I saw this really cool door up for bid. It was a solid wood door with a porthole window, like you’d find on a ship or boat. Pretty. I bid once on some stained glass windows, got out bid. I have bought oriental rugs. I wasn’t looking for high quality, just pretty wool for my feet. Some of the flooring looks good but the problem is point A to point B. Sometime the shipping looks like it is worth it, like the tiled mosaics.

Right now I deciding if I want to buy a heavy Celtic iron cross for the backyard. Shipping is about $11. Yet I really need to curb my eBay purchases. So far I have bought too much in one week.