Mummy’s visit

Call the police and cite me for elder abuse. The 10 minute walk to the metro and the walk from U Street to Whole Foods and back to the U Street metro was a bit of a death march for mummy. To be fair, she doesn’t do a lot of walking, that’s what cars are for. And it was cold by Florida standards. Mummy needs to exercise more.

Due to the weather we didn’t get out much. Mom’s view of Shaw consisted of the bus ride from Union Station, the death march, and anything she may have noticed in the car leaving Shaw to go to PG County.

She made note of homeless people and black folk speaking in a language that wasn’t English or Spanish was new. I think she misidentified a man as homeless, I thought he was a crappy dresser who didn’t bother shaving.

Next time, I think we should try for summer. Less commentary about how cold it is here and no need for heavy heavy coats. Next time, I’m going to see how well mom does on a bike.