New Metro Station to open this weekend


I’m excited. It is not in Shaw but pretty darned close. Over on Florida and New York Avenue NE will be a new station I’m thinking about calling it NYAFAGU (Nah-YA-Fah-Gu), because of it’s incredibility stupid long name. It’s opening this weekend. Can you feel the excitement Eastern Shaw, Truxton Circle, Eckington and Mt. Vernon Sq.? Can you feel it?

WMATA has some information about the new station on it’s site. Apparently the 90, 92, 93 and X3 buses will service the station. However I am miffed that there is no bike parking at the station. BOO! There is a frickin bike trail next to the station but no bike parking. I guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for DIY bike parking like over at Mt. Vernon Square. There apparently will be no car parking there either.

My other concern is how am I going to get over there. On bike Florida Avenue is a road of DEATH. There are horrid potholes all along the right hand side where I ride. New York Avenue is another road of DEATH, but little matter as I am more likely to choose a FL death than a NY one. There is a walkable path along N or P Street (?) but only accessible by scooting through the chained gate. I did get my bike through but not worth the short cut over.

Anyway.. yea!