DC-> Hell -> Handbasket

Lo, there was great wailing and nashing of teeth,
and the dead rose and rallied the people to the polls.
Across the great river,
in the east,
the people rejoiced.
In the west they shook their heads and cried.
–MM 1:1-3

Our favorite crackhead won the Democratic Primary for Ward 8. So this morning I’ve been going though the 5 stages of grief. 1st denial. Well that’s over. Followed by anger, still here. Bargaining…. give Ward 8 a supermarket, maybe that would help. Depression, still here, too. Lastly, acceptance, Ward 8 was angry, and in that anger they elected a (former) crackhead who drove the city into the ground. Okay, bring it on.
Oh and Harold Brazil was unseated, as well as Kevin Chavous in Ward 7. Harold had to go anyways. Sam Brooks, a challenger had a pretty good showing considering he is a)white and b) young. Let’s hope Mr. Brown and Mr. Grey (hey anyone notice the color names of the winners?) do a good job on the Council. Although the elections were primaries, they were as if they were the general election as this city is like 90% Democrat. This kinda leaves out Independents like me. Oh, well.
I hope that the city will survive having Mr. Barry on the Council, and continue to thrive despite him. I hope that DC’s goal of representation in Congress is not derailled by his presence on the Council.
G-d I need a drink.

4 thoughts on “DC-> Hell -> Handbasket”

  1. Brazil and Chavous were two of the biggest do-nothings on a council made up mostly of do-nothings and their unseating is good news for DC.

    As for the impact of Barry on getting representation – it’s not like there was any hope of DC getting representation in the forseeable future, so that’s a non-issue. Barry may in fact become the current “reason” that you can’t let DC residents actually be real American citizens, and that will highly irritating for all of you in DC to hear coming from the mouths of those who are intent on preventing a largely African-American city full of Democrats from ever having a vote, but they weren’t going to let it happen anyway.

  2. There is a Republican running in Ward 8. I think he got like 3 votes. So if a another Hurricane comes through, and floods all of Ward 8 on election day, and only the Republican can get to the polls, then maybe he won’t win.

    But I have not moved past denial yet.

  3. I dunno. Sometimes all you can do in places like Ward 8 is blow things up (figuratively speaking) so someone will notice. Barry seems to stand for Ward 8 feeling they’ve got the short end of the stick too often — and against a new baseball stadium when there are many far more important things to do in DC. You can disagree with either position (I don’t), but even if you do, neither position is simple crackhead-ism. Bully for Barry and his supporters; that’s democracy.

    If Barry backslides on his addiction, that’ll be one thing. Until then, he’s duly elected, and Williams, the Council, and the rest of DC will have to listen to what he and his supporters have to say.

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