I’m a prude.
Back when I was growing up [sniped long story short, it was different]. Of course, I grew up in the Bible Belt.
Here in Shaw, you will get an earful of m*therf**ker, f**k, sh*t, and such, and that’s just from the 10 year olds. It’s nothing to be walking down the street and hear two people, passing by, engaging in a conversation that is basically profanity linked together with conjunctions.
When I first moved to Shaw, after living in other parts of VA and MD, I was shocked, shocked I say, to see a woman cursing at her 4 year old kid. Now, it’s old. I’m used to it. And that is sad.
Now I know some may say, well that’s just how some folks talk. Yes, that’s how they talk and it is unfortunate that their vocabulary is so limited. Colorful, but limited.