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LoganCircleNews] Announcement: Ecycling in Washington DC Sept and Oct

Blessings All,

(please forgive the cross postings)

It is time to recycle those old computers and other electronics in the

District of Columbia. Currently the District only recycles these

“household hazardous materials” twice a year.

NBC4 Digital Edge Expo will be presenting their green alley again this

year. You will be able to bring your electronic items to the New

Washington Convention Center Sept 18 and 19 from 9 to 5pm.

The District will hold its regular recycling day at the Carter Baron

Amphitheatre at 16th and Kennedy Streets, NW from 9am to 3pm on October

23rd, 2004

Please help us protect the environment by disposing of electronics and

other technology properly. If you are worried about lead in your water

you should also be worried about lead in the air you breath. Dispose of

these electronics properly.

If you have computer parts that need repair do not give them to non

profit organizations most of them are not able to pay for the repairs.

If you have working equipment we have a technology donation program were

we take computers to give to needy families. Call us for more details


For more information contact the dept of public works 202.727.1000.

A sample list of items

Memory Chips

Tape Drives

Floppy Drives



Fax Machines


Audio/Visual Equipment

CD ROM Drives

TVs (19″ or less)


Scrap Computer Plastic





Hard Drives

Network/Video/Sound Cards

Cell Phones

Power Supplies

Scrap Computer Metal

Copy machines

Peace and Blessings

Shireen Mitchell


Executive Officer – Digital Sisters, Inc.

CFC# 5630 DC One Fund #9504

DCWW GROW Coordinator

Main Office 202.722.Ytec