DM little party

It’s only 4 o’clock, its going to go on for much longer.
It began around 11:30AM. I wandered off to take pictures of the neighborhood and visit folks. I came back around 3. It was still going on, now there are people there.
It’s the base. I’m sitting in the center of my house and I hear the base. I’ve got the loud fan on, NPR loud and I still hear the gd base. So I wandered over to talk to DM about the music. She was nice about it and said she couldn’t turn the base down (she doesn’t care to turn the base down or the music). She asked if she could just have a little something for her son, just a school thing (son nowhere in sight) and it will be over at 10 (when she darn well feels like it).
I am so calling the cops at 10:15.