House of the week

Near the corner of R and 5th Streets there is a house. A house that used to be one story. Then they built it up in fits and starts. It is in another fit stage where nothing as far as I can tell is being done with it. The reason why 4?? R St is the house of the week, is because it is confusing to me. Someone please explain this house to me. I’m thinking crackhead design. I could be wrong, and when ever it is done, maybe all will be made clear. Maybe.
The problem I find with the house, which you can’t see from this picture, is the second floor door. It is pretty darned high. Currently there are no stairs. There is no balcony. You step out the 2nd floor door and you broken your neck, arms, etc. Now I’m thinking it there are exterior stairs put in, they are going to look bad.
The other thing that bothers me is what’s going on around it. Jorge’s has been leveled and next door on the other side the Urban Land Company has staked a claim. If any of you go on their condo tour this weekend, give me a heads up of what on earth is going in next door.
Hodgepodge, I tell you. That’s what it’s going to look like.