True Crime

Okay I had no intention of posting today. None.
But I witnessed an assault. And I took pictures.
Well I was taking pictures of houses in the Mt. Vernon part of Shaw and was heading over back to my section. I pass this house on New Jersey and N, and I hear this wailing and banging. This guy, was just screaming. I can’t remember if it was “I’ll kill you” or “Die bitch.” But he was screaming and hitting something and I could hear it from the street.. with headphones on. There were other people along NJ who heard this mayhem too and were looking at the house. When I looked back, he was outside the steel door kicking it and demanding to be let back in. He kept saying he was going to call the police and so he went walking with this huge 1×4 over to the firestation on the corner of N & NJ.
A few moments later 3 guys walk out. One with one of those yellow wet floor signs, and another with a 5 ft wooden step ladder. They walk up New Jersey. Screaming guy sees them and starts wailing on them with the 1×4 in the yard of the firestation.
This is when I call 9-1-1.
I give a lovely play by play to the dispatcher. As I’m doing so a blue police van drives up and breaks up the fight. I mention this to the dispatcher and he tells that according to the colors it’s DC Housing Authority Police. Ok. Whatever. Then 1 minute later a police car from the 1st District shows up. Then followed by another 1D car.
At the end of all this, there were 5 police vehiles in the driveway of the firehouse. Two from 1D one from 3D, and I can’t remember if the other was 5D and the DCHA Police van. All to handle a guy with a big stick. In the end no one, as far as I could tell, was arrested. Stick man told the police he was heading back to wherever and a police woman said she thought that would be a good idea. I lost track of ladder guy. I stuck around because I did get a call back from the police but the police wound up interviewing a woman on the other side of N St. I was not going to jump up and down to get their attention. I left when it all broke up.

Then I went for brunch at Ella’s.