BACA mtg: I go so U won’t have to

That’s the crux of it, that and get politically involved by becoming a supporting force by donating time and treasure to a particular candidate. And when you do, then the politicians will truly serve you.
Let’s go over the meeting shall we?
We started on time. Whoo!
The Peanut gallery did not show. WhooHoo!
First, but not on the agenda was Ofc. Grey from the 501 Police Service area who went over crime stats. Yet the meeting attendees weren’t interested in stats, though the sheet passed around was very interesting. The subject of interest was the shootings on the unit and 100 blk of Q St. Marianne was very fair and understanding with Ofc, Grey but she wanted answers.
Next, was Mr. Willie Doggett, volunteer with Cluster 21’s Community Emergency Response Team. Basically, Civil Defense. You get free stuff when you volunteer. See their website for more info.
Followed by Andrew Pollard of the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Group. Get on his mailing list to know what’s happening in the neighborhood with crime and services at acpollard1 AT msn PERIOD com. Or get in touch with Jim Berry to get the right e-mail if I got it wrong.
Lastly was Ms. Linda Perkins, Constituent Services Coordinator from Councilman’s Vincent Orange’s office. She spoke about how DC govt works. If anyone wants to expand on this, that’s what “comments” are for.
Afterwards, Jim Berry (ANC 5C01?)went on a riff that seemed to be coming from frustration. Maybe anger, I don’t know, anyone ever see Jim angry? There was a decent debate, and I truly mean debate, between Jim and Ms. Perkins on how priority is determine based on votership and political strength of an area.
Jim did something that I would like to expand on in another post on another day, where he compared Truxton Circle (ie Bates) to other parts of Ward 5, like Bloomingdale, Michigan Park and Woodridge. Apparently those areas have political clout, and don’t have to ask Councilman Orange twice to come to their meetings. They also don’t have to deal with some of our burdens that the city has burdened Truxton and it’s adjoining areas with. Maybe because there are a greater number of people who come out to vote AND donate a significant amount of time and treasure to the candidates, than our area. Maybe.
But you, my Green/Democratic/ Republican friend can help. Today, you can drag yourself to the polls. If you’re independent like me, you’ll stay in and wait till November, but in the meantime harass your party affiliated friends to vote.
This is me harassing you.
Vote dammit.

One thought on “BACA mtg: I go so U won’t have to”

  1. Me go to meeting. Me see nice lady Perkins. She say things.

    If you were representing an elected official to his disgruntled constituents, how would you act? I would bet you would NOT treat them as idiots, and not attempt to pacify them by telling them they need to be more active. Ms Perkins has always struck me as bit of a shill.

    Linda Perkins opened by claiming DC was an extremely civic-minded city. I don’t know if she saw that as good or bad, but she never explained herself any further, so I guess it doesn’t matter. First, she explained that the Council is responsible for oversight of the city services, and that, if we have unresolved troubles with city services we should go to our Council member’s constituent services. I believe at this point she started drawing little dots all over the chalkboard and saying, essentially, that everybody’s gotta wait their own damn turn. It seems every citizen in the ward has mailed, called, or e-mailed to offer a sob story about their personal anguish, and the office is too busy addressing these issues to be able to lend time to concerns of arson, shootings, and drug trafficking.

    Then we heard that it was our fault because we weren’t “grass-roots” active. I’m afraid I had to leave just when someone made the excellent comment that, maybe if we actually saw something get done from our efforts, we’d try to be more active. I never got to hear the rest, which is too bad, because I’d like have to seen Jim raise the Scoville scale.

    Although I do feel for Ofc. Gray, I don’t know how she missed the huge white MPD paddy wagon at the corner of Q & 1st, 24/7 for 2 weeks straight. She must have drawn the short straw at the station for “Who’s Going to Get Stuck Going to the Bates Meeting?”

    Thanks MM for such an open-ended opportunity to comment.

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