Eating in Eastern Shaw: Ella’s

I finally gave them money in exchange for food and drink. And it was good.
I didn’t go for brunch as I had already done brunch in Georgetown and really wasn’t up to plopping down $12 bucks. I just wanted something light. I had tea and a waffle. Yes, I know, throwing my low carb, let’s now call it mid-carb diet out the window.
I had my meal out on the patio so I could observe the street traffic and ponder the New York Avenue-Florida Avenue-Gaulludet University-Your Name Here Metro station. There were some potential dangers of sitting outside. The first that went though my mind was harassment by beggars. That was not the case as this is not one of those neighborhoods. There are homeless but I think it is a given that begging may just be a fruitless business in this area. Second, getting ignored by staff. It times I wondered, “hey where’s my bill?” Maybe people don’t sit out there often. Out of sight…. Last, bugs. For the past few weekends, my outdoor meals have been hampered by aggressive wasps. It is very hard to eat all you can eat when there is a frickin wasp between you and your food. Luckily, no bugs.
While pondering the yet to be open but already has a horrible long name metro station, I people watched. I watched an Anglo family of three try to hail a cab. After a while they gave up and hopped the 80 Kennedy Center bus. Traffic violations, that’s another thing to spot. If anyone has forgotten… it is illegal to have your cell phone to your ear and drive in DC.
I guess I should talk about the food. Waffle good. Waffle $3. It had cinnamon and sugar on top and I had syrup on the side. I also had tea. Tea is tea. They had English Breakfast, that’s all I care about as I don’t want some stinkin’ herbal and I don’t care for Earl Grey.
Oh, another good point. Ella’s takes credit cards. I like a place that takes cards, as I typically avoid carrying cash.