Carter G. Woodson: History of the Negro Church: Ch.5 Early Development

This year I will attempt to get through all of Carter G. Woodson’s (the father of Black History) History of the Negro Church. This post is on Chapter 5 – Early Development.

A major figure for the fifth chapter is a Christopher Rush.

Bishop Christopher Rush (1777–1873)

Rush was connected to the Zionist branch/ part of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  He was active in New York in the late 18th century. He was a notable preacher and helped with the flourishing of the AME church after it experienced a moment of decline.

The chapter is half AME history and half Black Baptist church history.

For the Baptist portion the central figure is Andrew Marshall.

Something I did find interesting, and I don’t find much of this book interesting, was how some churches were organized. There would be churches where African Americans outnumbered the white congregation.