The Uniqueness of the 1957 Church Survey

Over the past few years I have been publishing bits and pieces of the 1957 Church Survey [of the] Northwest Urban Renewal Area on this site. This was a very unique survey and it was not repeated again.

The 1957 survey was a look at churches in what was the Northwest Urban Renewal area. This area’s boundaries were roughly, starting at the southern border I and 15th Street to NY Ave to Mt. Vernon Square, to Massachusetts Ave,  2nd St NE, Florida Ave, then 15th St NW to the west.

The quality of the individual church surveys have varied. New Hope Baptist had nothing worth writing home about and churches like Mt. Sinai and First Rising Mount Zion have more information.

There was another survey in 1970. It wasn’t as rich as the 1957 survey. Churches in Shaw: A Report of the Survey of Churches in the Shaw Urban Renewal Area of Washington, D.C., 1970 , seen below, does not look at each and every individual church. The churches are all lopped together in one report.

The 1970 report does have a useful appendix of the churches that still exist as of 1970. Maybe one day I will compare the 1957 list with the 1970 list, then compare to what exists whenever I do this.

DCHistory ChurchesInShaw Parts by Mm Inshaw

I didn’t photocopy the whole book. But I remember the reason why I didn’t was because it didn’t have that individual organization information.