1957 Church Survey: Second Baptist Church- Rando Church not in Shaw

Well this is another in the series of churches participating in the 1957 Northwest Urban Renewal Area church survey. This church survey has never been replicated. There have been other reports but they approach the churches as a whole and not as individual congregations. Churches are interesting as an entity.  Florida Avenue Baptist is completely different from Mt. Sinai Baptist, despite both being Baptist.

Today’s church is Second Baptist Church at 816 3rd Street NW, which is still functioning today in the Mt. Vernon Triangle area. Then as is now, it is an African American church. In 1957, it was a middle aged and middle class church with a majority of its congregants in white collar work. According to 2nd Baptist, 33% of its members lived in the NW Urban Renewal Area, and 66% lived in other parts of NW and NE DC.

CS 12 Second Baptist by Mm Inshaw