2010 Census Take II

I got a second census form in the mail yesterday. I guess I didn’t send in the first one quickly enough. Though I got the first form a good while ago, I waited because I honestly did not know who was going to be living with me April 1st. Was it going to be my cousin or a roommate or nobody. Well as soon as I got back from my Florida vacation my cousin left and returned to the housing farm of upper PG County to be with her parents. My roommate, who I didn’t know I was going to have until a week before his move in (he’s a returning roommie so all the background checks were done before), arrived shortly after she left. Census wants age and date of birth, and though it is on an application somewhere, lost in a pile somewhere in the house, I figure it is just easier to ask the second occupant of the house to fill that part out. So a few days before the 1st I asked him to fill out his portion and I mailed it back.
Now I got another form sitting in the living room. Apparently, according to the Census blog, it is a replacement form and I can disregard it.

2 thoughts on “2010 Census Take II”

  1. I received a second form as well, and I mailed my first one back the day after I got it. I think they may just be targeting areas with historically low response rates

  2. That's exactly right, those Census tracts that had low response rates in 2000 are getting a second mailing. If you've already sent in the questionnaire you can disregard the second mailing.

    It may seem wasteful, but it still will save tens of millions over the alternative – hiring people to go door-to-door at $20/hr.

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