Because Blogger is no longer supporting FTP I moved over to Moveable Type. We’ll see how this works.
I’ve been thinking of how I want to blog now. When I started out in 2003ish with Inshaw it was mainly for the entertainment of my friends, then I got more readers. Then I got a lot of readers and the dang thing got a life of it’s own. I really want to get back to making Inshaw a little bit more personal. Like chatting over the fence. The topics of history, gentrification (demographic changes in the hood), and civic engagement still interest me, but I really want the blog to stay manageable. Meaning, if I get an invitation to post something I may or may not, depending on my mood and not feel too guilty about it. In other words I don’t want to make this thing a community bulletin board, it becomes less enjoyable the more that “obligation” creeps in.