Shaw lockdown

Center City Charter School is going to be closed. It’s the school looking at the rear end of the Convention Center. I wouldn’t be surprised if some nearby businesses decide it’s better to be closed than pretend that the attendees of this shin-dig are going to make up for your regulars who decide the hassle isn’t worth it. Call ahead to any location in the lockdown zone before heading out, but then again that might be more than what you might want to do.
I am taking Monday off to observe the impact of this on the hood. I’m not going to protest as was suggested. The last time I stood on a corner with a sign was 1988. And after observing too many lame lunchtime protests (a noontime protest lasting long enough to document) from my work window, I personally don’t care for that mode of petitioning one’s government regarding grievances. I’m more of the letter writing, calling and blogging type as those modes have been more fruitful and satisfying. Also I’ve been informed that there have been threats and since I find no great romance in getting arrested or mistaken for a threat (can never be too careful, that woman with the cardboard sign could be hiding something!), I’m going to try not to bring any attention to myself as I observe and document.
I noticed as I documented the fencing that’s already in place, some residents were blasting some horrid gangsta rap from the windows. That’s one form of protest. May I suggest a little Jay-Z. Torture them with the inability to publicly sing along.