As a pedestrian I find this disturbing

Some blogger got hit by some SUV. Nobody died but the pedestrian did wind up with a broken knee. However the disturbing factor, the struck pedestrian was charged with jaywalking and presented with a ticket in the hospital. From the pedestrian’s telling of it, he was not jogging and seemed to have the right of way as the countdown said he still had time to cross and was in the crosswalk. However the State Dept Security person driving the black SUV seems to have reported it differently saying the pedestrian was a jogger and not in the crosswalk.
As a pedestrian, I find it very disturbing, particularly because I walk in areas where black SUV filled with feds, zip around all the time. If there are any witnesses to this event who can challenge the State Dept’s PR Orwellian release please do.

2 thoughts on “As a pedestrian I find this disturbing”

  1. My partner was hit on his bike and had a head injury (no helmet) and got 2 tickets in the hospital. WHen he tried to get Zipcar 2 years later they denied him for having too many moving violations. THe no helmet ticket and the riding the wrong way on a 1-way street both counted. However, it really was his fault and the ticket prevented any urge to sue the driver, and provided her some comfort as well, knowing that she wasnt at fault.

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