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R St and NJ
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1701 NJ Ave NW is up for sale, again. I swore I’ve seen this place pop up everyso often. Even though there is an open house for this it’s priced at a 2008 “make me move” price, $729K . Considering a more spacious and private home across the street at 1718 NJ Ave sold for less than $600K (with parking, small back yard and a separate rental unit), it’s not signaling that the owners are in any hurry to move.
During our last big snowstorm the owners had their own private walkways shoveled but failed to make any effort to shovel at least one of their sidewalks. Amazingly, the shoveling went about 1 foot past the front gate and stopped about 5-6 inches from the neighbor’s sidewalk shoveling efforts, creating something very uneven. The rear of the house is nothing but parking, and whomever was hired to shovel the driveway parking and just enough of the alley for a car, dumped some of the ice right in front of the path of the unshoveled sidewalk. Bad, enough not to shovel the sidewalk, but to dump and block, that’s bad.