Would shaming work?

Snowed over sidewalk
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Georgetown Metropolitian is encouraging neighbors to name names and forward photos of violators who don’t shovel their walks. The hope is that the owners will be shamed into shoveling their sidewalks and making pedestrian routes safer.
I don’t know. Some sidewalks I know are harder to shovel than others. Brick is a ^%#!!! pain to shovel. Yeah it’s pweurdy and “historic” looking, but 1/2 the time it is a pedestrian hazard. So I have some, some, sympathy for people with brick who can’t completely clear off their sidewalk. But they need to try because trudging in anything above 4 inches is a pain too.
This weekend about a foot (more or less) of snow is predicted. And you are more than welcomed to start a Flickr group highlighting violators, and tell me about it so I may blog about it. But I find it better for my soul to just put on some tunes, bundle up and shovel mine and my neighbors’ sidewalks. I mean if you’re feeling vindictive you could pile snow in front of a serial violator’s gate/door/ driveway.

8 thoughts on “Would shaming work?”

  1. A lot of the areas with vacant properties or those under construction are also the culprits. In other news… someone stole my snow shovel from my steps! 🙁

  2. Best to just shovel out your neighbors … good karma is hard to come by these days. Though I did rake out my neighbor's yard one year after repeatedly asking them to clean up. I used all of their trash cans to hold the junk I raked up. 😀

  3. Emil sorry for your loss. On the bright side, somewhere something will get shoveled.
    I tend to keep my shovel inside, near the door, on a small pile of newpapers to soak up the melting snow.

  4. One of the worst offenders is the 7-11 at 7th and Rhode Island. The stretch of 7th that runs along their side becomes a sheet of ice, and stays that way for days. I think it is inexcusable for businesses to not take care of their sidewalks.

  5. has the church at the corner of NJ and P cleaned out their properites yet? Kudos to our block, one gentleman used a rented snow blower to clean up Q's sidewalk while three of us took care of the 1600 block of NJ!! Love how the "hood" is coming together!!

  6. I'll be honest-I'm not shoveling this time. I'm pregnant and I just can't do it. I have a whole block on one side in addition to the front of my house (which we did clear). The street is a major artery, it's completely clear, and there are not many cars out. It's not like there is nowhere to walk.

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