Snow theory

Snow theory 1
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I had a theory walking to the metro regarding snow shoveling and brick v concrete sidewalks. But several sidewalks, such as this one on 7th, disproved it. it was that the concrete sidewalks melted snow quickly and thus required little to no effort to keep clear, while brick sidewalks held the cold and did not melt snow. But then I started hitting sidewalks covered in ice and snow closer to the metro station.
Mine and my neighbors’ sidewalks are nice and clear. A couple of neighbors had gotten out and shoveled several doors worth of sidewalk while the snow was coming down. One, decided to make a game of it with her daughter and a large push broom. That was fun to watch, from the warm inside. Also I should thank E. for shoveling by my house, while jamming to something on his earphones. It’s great that he was doing his part as a good neighbor.

If you bothered, or if someone else bothered, to wipe most of the snow off the walk, it cleared up. If no one bothered, the snow stayed. That’s my new theory.

And for a millyeon dollas this can be yours

Fooling around on Redfin I spotted a few houses east of Logan Circle going for $1 million and up. What is this Southern California?
First is a penthouse condo on R Street near Logan for $1.05 mil. It comes with parking and a condo fee.
Next is, 1114 P St NW, going for 1.15 mil and on the market for over 200 days, plus a month. I gather the $71K gross rental income justifies the price, for the three unit property.
There are a few more million plus places hugging the Logan Circle, but priced above them is closer to me, is 1400 5th St NW, for S1.399 mil. I gather that the idea that one could turn the three unit building into 5 units is justification for the price. However, there is no parking, it isn’t next to any amenities and more work will have to go into it, as “potential” means “gut job”.
Lastly, topping off at 1.45 mil is 1120 Rhode Island Ave, NW. A single family home boasting of a lot of original features. The city thinks it’s worth 1.298 million, so the taxes are about $11K a year.