Trend of Troubling Incidences on Metro

I mentioned before about the terrorizing teens on the metro here and here. Checking the other blogs around Prince of Petworth has a report of an incident on the Red line, with many comments following. What got me was one of the comments of a woman who was targeted by two teenage girls who reached into her bags, and got a “what you want me to do about it” from the station manager when she reported it.

4 thoughts on “Trend of Troubling Incidences on Metro”

  1. Eeek. Chicago has some of the same issues, only no one ever thinks Chicago was safe.

    I've got the glare of death, and am not afraid to use it.

    Even if somebody did once tell me I looked like an adorable angry toddler with it.

    Luckily I've been harassment free so far.

  2. Have you tried testing the stare on human subjects? How do animal trials go? Can it stop a certain dog from begging for cheese?

  3. It will all work out. These kids will grow up, get decent jobs, and move away.

    Either that, or they'll stay in DC and have kids of their own.


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