8 thoughts on “National Homeopathic Hospital”

  1. I was born at National homepathic hospital in DC on jan 2 1944. This picture is the first time I have seen the building. thanks for providing with an image of the place it all began

  2. I don't have that info at my fingertips right now and can't do any research at the moment. But what I can say is that it appeared in the early 20th century, and seen in a 1902 map. It seems to have gone away by the 5os, maybe late 50s.

  3. I was born there 12/8/1945. I always wondered where it was and what happened to it!

  4. I was born there on May 27th 1949. I am particularly interested in knowing whose else was born there on the same day. My mother told me a very strange story about having twins and she said they gave one of them away to another person. How do I track that information?
    marycartergrahame@y .com
    Thank you.

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