Does this mean the end of the Methodone McDonald’s?

A few days ago Scott Roberts mentioned on the Bloomingdale blog that the methodone clinic down near the messy intersection of NY and N Cap is closing. Comments to that post say that they are just going to relocate and are still open. But when they do move how much of an impact will it have on the southern TC border? And will the methadone McDonald’s be less methadoney?

Toros sauvignon

Toros sauvignon
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Timor has a bunch of this and is selling it as cooking wine. I’ve cooked with it and it is decent. I might pick up 6-12 more bottles to round out my cooking wine supply for the winter. So ask Kim about it, he’ll hook you up with a good deal.
As far as drinking it goes, it is okay. As in ‘a little bit for the dish, a little bit for me’ wine. White wine is not my favorite but I find myself buying a lot of it for dishes that need a lot of wine as an ingredient and this fits the bill.