What’s up with 205 R St NW?

205 R St NW has been sitting on Redfin for a good long while priced under $300K for a good long while. Currently it is $263K. It’s a 4 story 3 bedroom property with what look like it is split into two units (rental and main). Anyone have a clue as to why it hasn’t moved?

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  1. I took a look inside. Its perhaps the most poorly laid out house I've seen in DC. It looks enormous from the outside, but the inside is a design disaster. I don't think you could get more than 500 rent out of the basement unit because the bedroom is literally the size of a twin bed. Its unfortunate because it seems like the house could have been really nice. The neighborhood is fine, the street is fine, the floors are nice, but the layout is absolutely horrible.

  2. Since I don't like anon comments I'm just gonna dub you AnonZie…

    Yes, a lot of houses in this neighborhood are poorly designed, but even bad design can be overcome with an owner with vision. Can we say 'gut job?'

  3. i looked at it, too, when i was house hunting. i was pretty excited, thinking this would be a perfect opportunity to stay in the neighborhood, but the layout was, indeed, horrible.

    sure, if you have another $100K to tear the place apart and start over, maybe that could work for you. but, the fact that the house is shaped oddly from the get-go, i can see why people are avoiding it.

    it's just too damn weird.

  4. I looked at this house over the weekend and though other posters are right that the layout is pretty lousy, the place has a lot of potential even without a TOTAL gut job. The kitchen needs to be reworked design-wise b/c it's really small, but otherwise it's totally liveable and with some creativity, patience and time would look great.

    The place overall is in good condition but I can see why some of the drawbacks (small kitchen, wierd layout) would cause people to hesitate when the original asking was $299k, but now that they lowered the price to $263k they will get many more bites b/c at that price it's worth putting in a little cash to do some remodeling.

    The English basement may be small but it's very charming with a fireplace, efficiency kitchen and washer/dryer in the unit – the basement is virtually done and needs little work, just some touch ups. it's easily rentable for $600or $700/ month given the location, privacy, and washer/dryer in the unit.

  5. The reason it's so cheap isn't just that it's poorly laid out – at least half the square footage is gone due to the design of the place. With 50K, it could be cute. But it's pretty rough right now – the "one bedroom" basement unit is a joke, with no room for a bed and no refrigerator (or room for one!) in the kitchen. They couldn't find room for the water heater so they stuck it in the living room with plywood around it. Seriously, funny but ROUGH.

  6. I checked it out several months ago and it looked horrible. I would estimate that about 50k minimum would be necessary. Plus it smelled.

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