Monday Miscellany

Well someone is “thinking” about redoing the look of that prison school on New Jersey, called Dunbar.

The BACA blog announced that North Capitol Main Streets has announced an effort to clean up North Capitol from RI to NY Aves.

Somehow my Truxton Circle updates started up again. For a while I got nothing, and now, for no reason I can tell, I’m getting the updates. It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

Speaking of the TC, I have restarted the TC Census project by bartering with my cousin. In exchange for a big ole spreadsheet tracking the 1900 era residents of the TC, their occupations and such, she gets to live with me free and I feed her. So far, she’s discovering occupations that no longer exist like milliner, coppersmith, and compositor. It appears that a number of folks worked down at the GPO on North Capitol, a walkable and bike-able commute.