Still canning

Small canned tomatoes
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Though it has been getting colder, I still have tomatoes on the vine. I cut away a bunch of vines, gave away a bunch of green tomatoes, and took in the ones that turned red or yellow. The ripe ones I roasted and canned.
But this time I didn’t use the big canner. I used my regular big pot, that I normally cook huge batches of rice or soup in, and some 1/2 pint Ball jars. Because of the size of them I can ‘can’ these small batches.
I have been enjoying the things I’d canned earlier in the summer and early fall. Yesterday I took out some canned cherries (also in a 1/2 pint jar) heated them up in the microwave, put them in the middle of some smooth yogurt and sprinkled on some maple granola. Good eatin’.