4th of July

I feel the need to warn the new people on the block about the 4th. But then so far all signs seem to say it isn’t worth saying anything. In the past week I’ve heard only a few instances of fireworks going off. Before that maybe the odd explosion, but nothing worth blogging about.
So it is entirely possible that this July Fourth the DIY fireworks in the hood may be fairly tame and less war-zone like. But I’m not entirely sure as there are still vacant lots and other things that attract people with boxes of illegal fireworks. So we’ll see.
Also I’m available should anyone want to invite me to their rooftop gathering. Watching and comparing the fireworks from the Mall, with the various displays popping out of Columbia Heights, Brookland, Capitol Hill, and Dupont/ Foggy Bottom/Georgetown (can’t really tell) is quite enjoyable. However when stuck on the ground it’s a bunch of noise & smoke.

5 thoughts on “4th of July”

  1. The reduction in the war zone atmosphere here on the 4th over the past 5+ years really shows how quickly the neighborhood is changing.

    Who knows. Maybe I'm wrong and it'll be like the past– which was nothing short of amazing to live through.


  2. Tom- The Map looks interesting.
    Note that there are no approved stands west of 16th St.

    M- The lost cat comment got it's own post.

  3. The parking lot of Scott Montgomery Elementary School, on 5th between P and Q NW, has in the past been the site of a huge fireworks extravaganza. But it's not happening this year. DCPS is locking it up this year, a huge relief to the neighbors of the school who won't have to look at the leftover trash which was always just left there.

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