Lemon Cucumber

Lemon Cuke
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

In this neighborhood I can easily find a fight to get into, billboards, dog parks, zoning, new uses for closed schools, social services. But today, I’m turning towards my garden where I can pick a fight with evil, evil tree rats, spider mites, aphids, the odd alley cat, and weed trees blocking my light.
Others have been getting nice juicy red tomatoes, and mature veggies for weeks now. I’m just now getting cucumbers and the odd tomato. Luckily the squirrels have had greater interest in B.’s tomatoes than mine but they do leave B.’s half eaten green tomatoes in my pots. So far the evil tree rats have left alone my cucumbers.
Pictured is one of several lemon cucumbers that I’ve been able to harvest. No they don’t taste like lemons. They are about the size of a tennis ball and are yellow, lemony in looks. This is one variety. Another variety of the lemon cuke is one with soft fur as opposed to the spikes, and looks like a melon. The second kind I like because I could eat it straight off the vine.
I was thinking about making a cucumber soup, but any other ideas of what to make with a handful (two tennis ball sized cukes) of cucumbers?