Another Sunday at the BFM

Buckets o tomatoes
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Well another Sunday another $50 spent, half of that going to Copper Pot. The rest was spread out among Reid’s Farm, where I picked up some plums and nectarines, and the other vendors. Actually, I didn’t spend that much at the other vendors because I’m running out of fridge and counter space as I also hit up the Penn Quarter Market on Thursdays.
Speaking of, I had a great conversation with Stefano Frigerio, the Copper Pot guy, who sells at the Penn Quarter, 14th & U, and Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market. He (and his wife) noticed that a lot of his 14th & U customers work around Penn Quarter, so they wind up buying their pasta on Thursday. I work around Penn Quarter, but I didn’t buy any pasta, I just asked what he’d have on Sunday and reserved some braised lamb ravioli. I really limit my PQ purchases, since I tend to see the some of same thing at BFM. I’ll pick up mushrooms and cured meats, and maybe a gazpacho at PQ.
Anyway, back to BFM, which once again was a great place t run into neighbors, see the doggies, see the multitude of ways to strap on a baby or cart kids, oh and buy some local produce and good pasta. I do really appreciate it being here, paired with Big Bear, it creates a great atmosphere. Not everyone likes it, and there are other markets some prefer over BFM. Yet for me BFM is just close enough, just small enough to be just right for me.