Bundy School Meeting July 9th

The BACA blog has the meeting info here.

Hopefully, it will be a constructive meeting where the actual needs of Safe Shores, dog owners, and the community at large will be addressed.

What do I need? A safe block that doesn’t become a dead zone after the sun sets. P Street is a straight shot from the Giant and the G2 stops along there. The lack of life on that block is quite noticeable at night when you’re lugging groceries, which is why I no longer do that.

July 4th, not that bad

I looked at last year’s post and it seems that there has been little change, except no spent firecracker wound up on my roof this year. There was a large crowd that gathered at the corner setting off things that couldn’t have been legal.

Call the cops?

Ha, ha, you’re funny.

It looked like there were fireworks being set off in the direction of the Cook school and somewhere in Bloomingdale. I was on the ground, so I couldn’t tell. Big and very, very loud fireworks went off on my corner. No one set off anything in front of their houses, nor the alley. And it was less smokey than last year, however there was that eau de gunpowder smell lingering in the air the next day.

Our great BACA leader Jim Berry sent out an email about a post-firework clean up on Sunday and I did see people the day after picking up trash. Speaking of BACA there isn’t a meeting today, but rather July 13th. The winners of the BACA Flower Power walk are to be announced and awarded then.