Inaugural WTF?-Truxton Circle Lockdown

Buses Only Jan 20
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Please, someone say this sign was erroneously placed. This sign is at 3rd and R Streets NW.
I did find a new map (PDF) at the DC government’s inaugural site that gives the impression that there is charter bus parking up here, which may or may not explain the sign. But if it were for charter bus parking then there aren’t any no parking signs, which makes me think this may restricted to buses (ie excluding cars).

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  1. There is an identical sign at New Jersey and R. Interesting….does that mean the whole corridor is now a ‘tow-away zone’ if we are not driving a bus? Yet again, DDOT has repeatedly stated that buses will not be allowed to park in front of residences. So, given the sheer number of residences along NJ and surrounding streets, where are the buses going to park?

  2. confusing… I thought that these signs meant a bus (driving)route, rather than bus parking.

  3. I saw one of those signs at 17th and R, and again at New Hampshire and R. I called the Mayor’s Help Line and they said my car is parked safely. Any area for bus parking has been signed “Emergency No Parking”.

  4. Those signs are also posted on Virginia Ave NW, inside the secure area where no cars are allowed anyway, parked or not. So I second the idea that it’s referring to driving routes, not parking.

  5. I noticed that R was closed to car traffic on Tuesday. It was monitored by army guys at Florida and R- with cones across the street opening.

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